What My Patients Say

David’s Parents

Our son David was born with right sided hemiplegia after he had a stroke in the womb. In particular his right hand was rendered lifeless, floppy and almost useless. Despite intensive attempts at physiotherapy it was clear that David’s right hand would not be able to give him any function and it would hang limply by his side most of the time. We heard about Mr Saeed’s work through St James’ Hospital in Leeds where David had had investigations on his arm and hand to help his diagnosis. As soon as we met Mr Saeed we knew that we had found the person we needed to give David hope. Mr Saeed operated on David’s hand for the first time in 2005 when he was 5 yrs old. In short the transformation was miraculous. David went from having virtually no function and ignoring his hand, to being able to use it to help himself in play and school work and to look after himself. Mr Saeed essentially gave David a grasp where previously there was none. Not only this but he gave him a hand that had a much more natural appearance.

Some years later David had a second operation to fine tune his hand function. This gave him a better thumb position which helped him hold things with more strength. David can now carry a shopping bag in his right hand, hold his paper still when writing, carry a full laundry basket and can stabilise objects. Whilst David’s hand is still of course impaired, the benefits to surgery for him have been immense. I am sure that without this intervention David would be living his life entirely one-handed.

Mr Saeed is a talented and compassionate man. He has always taken a measured, calm and supportive approach with David. He carefully weighed up the benefits and risks of surgery and consulted with other professionals in order to provide us with full information to help us make the best decision for our son.



I can highly recommend Waseem Saeed, over the last 8 years my arm/hand has changed tremendously both functionally and visually. I still do have ups and downs with minor things but then it would never be like my right arm. Being a NHS patient from start to finish – speaking to the secretary, operation and then after care has always been exceptional. I am so happy with the outcome of my function.