Current treatment charges and guidance on NHS funding

I worked in the UK National Health Service for 22 years and now practice wholly in the independent (private) sector.

In the past we have helped patients secure NHS funding for their procedures and have been able to offer surgery at no charge to the patient. Sadly this is no longer the case as the large reductions in the amount that the NHS is willing to pay for surgery mean that the costs of operations and appointments cannot be covered.

New consultation: £120

Follow-up consultation £80

Please note that 2 follow-up appointments are included in the surgical fees detailed below.

Small Procedure

From £1700

Intermediate Procedure

From £3500

Complex Procedure

From £4400

These are the charges for a given stage and include hospital stay which is typically one night as well as take home medication, slings and splints.

Guidance on NHS funding

The treatment that I offer is well-established in the published medical literature and is at the international standard for these conditions. If you are offered an alternative service for your treatment, this should offer the same full treatment options.

The NHS has provided funding for all my patients in the past.

The level of funding that can be obtained has decreased each year and has now reached a stage where such funding is no longer sufficient to cover the costs of treatment as detailed above.


1) You may self-fund your treatment.

2) You can appeal for funding with the help of your GP or if you have exhausted this route the Health Service Ombudsman or patient support groups.

In order to assist you in this I am happy to provide you with a copy of my clinic letter which details your condition and the aims of surgery as well as sending appropriate information about our service to your GP.

Please note that I am unable to schedule any surgery until confirmation of full funding has been received in writing.