Our Team

At the Cerebral Palsy Clinic we understand how important it is for our patients to have as much hand and arm function as possible. Cerebral Palsy and other forms of spasticity limit hand function. This can lead to a vicious cycle of pain, stiffness and loss of use.

Carefully planned and timed surgery can break this cycle by rebalancing the limb, particularly if carried out in childhood. I work with a team of health professionals including specialist anaesthetists and paediatric nurses at both the Harley Street Clinic Children’s  and  Spire Manchester Hospitals.

  • Waseem Saeed
    Waseem Saeed Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon
  • Dr Keith Johnston
    Dr Keith Johnston Head of Anaesthetics and Critical Care at Muscat Hospital
  • Dr Gaith Thamer
    Dr Gaith Thamer Specialist Anaesthetist
  • Dr Renju Kuriakose
    Dr Renju Kuriakose Specialist Anaesthetist
  • Dr Nedhal Meki
    Dr Nedhal Meki Specialist Anaesthetist
  • Jenita Princess
    Jenita Princess Head of Physiotherapy at Muscat Hospital
  • SN Khadra Mustafa
    SN Khadra Mustafa Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Joannah Flores
    Joannah Flores Physiotherapist
  • JM Premkumar
    JM Premkumar Physiotherapist
  • Hayley Thomas
    Hayley Thomas Practice Manager
  • Becky Loos
    Becky Loos Parent-to-Parent Liaison

If you are a parent or carer and would like some first hand information Becky would be happy to talk to you. Please contact her via my secretary on 0845 625 0845.