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Welcome to the Cerebral Palsy Clinic at the Harley Street Clinic Children’s Hospital, London

This site is for all of you who suffer from problems with your hands and arms due to spasticity and weakness.

Most of you represent the largest group of patients with congenital hand problems (problems with your hands noted at birth) and yet you also represent the largest undertreated group of patients in terms of getting the surgery that many of you could benefit from. Others of you have developed problems in the hands after brain injury, stroke, surgery or a variety of other conditions.

I have been treating patients like you for 15 years and I find it some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. However it worries me how often I see a child whom, had they not found my clinic, might never have gained any useful hand function. Information on hand surgery of this type is difficult to find anywhere. Many surgeons, physicians, therapists and nurses are completely unaware of the treatment options. I have put together this website based on the medical literature, my experience and that of my patients to give you information on the latest surgical techniques that may help you to use your hands.

Throughout this site you will see images – these are all my patients and some of them have related their experiences for you – I dedicate this site to them all.


  • Our son David was born with right sided hemiplegia after he had a stroke in the womb. In particular his right hand was rendered lifeless, floppy and almost useless. Read more...

  • I can highly recommend Waseem Saeed, over the last 8 years my arm/hand has changed tremendously both functionally and visually. Read more...